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All those who are unable to get education, may commit crime in the future and that will be directed against us and our society.

Majority of the educated people, excelling in their respective professional lives are not contributing as much to the society as they are expected to.

Education: An effective solution

The problems that our society faces today are Byzantine in nature. Therefore it forms one of the major puzzles for humanity as to what should be the nature and dynamics of the solution. Education is surprisingly a simple and an effective solution of the problem. It is a fresh perspective on seeking answers to what went wrong with humanity.

On one hand the education system deprives the majority of Indians the fundamental and more importantly, 'human' right to knowledge, and on the other, the ones that do pass through this system, emerge more likely as unaccountable, corrupt individuals, the number touching millions. These two groups, the 'denied' as well as the 'derailed' sections will go on to inherit the society, or in other words, the society will inherit them.

We need to work to revamp the education system to effectively collaborate values with academics along with exercise for the body, arts for the soul and vocationals for a skillful life. Students' Oxygen Movement champions the cause of education, which is no less than Oxygen for a life worthy of human beings. Several Actions, big and small, are undertaken by individuals carrying forward this movement- their movement- especially students, followed by educational institutions, parents, officials and the media. We believe in education with values, as we might just make do with less intelligent people, but kind and essentially humane people are the ones we can't do without.

"बच्चे मन के सच्चे, सारे जग की आँखों के तारे",
ये बच्चे कल का निर्माण करना चाहते हैं,
आइये हम मिलकर इनकी मदद करें|

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